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Advantages of Saladmaster

Hello friends,

We would like to briefly explain the advantages of cooking with Saladmaster.

First of all explain that Saladmaster has nothing to do, absolutely nothing, with a traditional pot or pan, reference is made to the pieces calling them pots, casseroles or pans so that anyone has a reference, for being the most common utensils in any house.

Since Saladmaster, we refer to them as Cooking Units,  because we want to differentiate ourselves with any type of pot or pan that exists in the market. 

What pot allows you to cook without oil, at low temperature, gives you a lifetime guarantee, has a patented cooking system that maintains an average of 93% of nutrients from food…? A number of advantages that no pot offers, such as making oven as well.

Let’s explain a little more in detail, first there is the material with which it is manufactured, Saladmaster is made with Titanium, and what about titanium? Titanium is a biocompatible material, it is used to make prostheses because it reacts well with the acids and enzymes of our body, because the same will happen with any food that is cooked with Saladmaster, will be treated differently since heavy metals and other chemicals harmful to health will not migrate to the food, as traditional cooking utensils made of aluminum, ceramics, cast iron do, stainless steel or any other traditional system that can be used in the kitchen, this with Saladmaster will not happen.

Where is the Titanium? Titanium is the inner part, the part that touches the food, if it were whole titanium nor could be marketed for the value it would have, this component is the one that determines the price of Saladmaster, the entire inner part of titanium.

Semi-Vacío technology, another advantage or feature that makes the difference, and everything starts with the valve, Vapo-valve patented by Saladmaster and calibrated so that when the inside of the pot reaches a temperature between 85º and 89º Celsius begins to beat or click, which will warn us that we must lower the cooking power to a minimum, which will release all the hot air from the inside of the pot through the valve closing by expelling it and generating a vacuum, this vacuum will allow cooking at low temperature, keeping vitamins and minerals, all the nutrients of the food inside.

When cooking from 90º/100º it reaches the boiling point, at which time the food begins to lose properties, just as when sterilizing surgical instruments temperatures above 100º are used, Cooking above that temperature also removes vitamins and nutrients from food, the temperature does not differentiate between harmful elements and nutrients in food.

Retention on average of 93% of the nutrients of the food, cooking at low temperature as allowed by Saladmaster we managed to maintain an average of 93% of nutrients of the food, unlike traditional systems in which the loss of nutrients reaches 70%, since excessive temperature will eliminate vitamins, minerals, opening or cooking uncovered will contribute to this loss by oxidizing the food to the time in which we cook it.

More intense flavors, all of the above will make cooking with Saladmaster a whole sensory experience for the most demanding palates, maintaining the nutrients of the food is not only beneficial to health, but guarantees to maintain the natural flavors of the food, without the need to add a mineral very common in daily cooking as salt that does not bring any benefit to our body, rather the contrary is harmful to health. Cooking food with its authentic minerals and flavors will be a revolution in daily cooking.

Lifetime guarantee, an unlimited guarantee that will not have to buy more pots or pans for the rest of a life, since with Saladmaster any minimal inconvenience that may arise during a lifetime will be solved by replenishing the material, Forgetting to buy kitchen utensils for life is what Saladmaster offers you.

Variety? What size? It is recommended to start with the minimum necessary to cook, and go expanding and adapting according to the needs that are held in the daily kitchen and the number of diners for which it is cooked, in any case you can buy both compositions or sets of several pieces, as well as loose pots, ranging from one liter to fifteen, having in the catalog pots of one liter, one liter and a half, two liters, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten and even the largest that are as we said 15 liters, also pans from 20 cm to 38cm passing through the most versatile 25 cm or the star for the 30 cm steaks, mention the electrical parts that facilitate life with their preinstalled cooking programs, special pieces such as large woks, medium or small, in short, sizes and options for all tastes with which to replace everything that is used both regularly and exceptionally.

Energy consumption, Saladmaster allows cooking at low power either in gas, vitroceramic or induction which results in high energy savings, by the vacuum system with Saladmaster we cook with lid which prevents odors and thus the need to use the extractor hood increasing energy savings in homes, that can be used as an oven will mean the greatest savings for households since this next to the cooking plates are the elements that consume most daily in the kitchens.

All this energy saving translates into great economic savings, which is currently higher if possible by the prices at which electrical supplies for the home are paid, not having to buy more pots or pans for the rest of a lifetime is another source of economic savings, buy less food because you need less for good nutrition saving again for pockets and finally save on medicines by not polluting with heavy metals and deteriorating health would be an important point unless the fact of improving Health is without doubts Saladmaster’s greatest advantage.

No matter how much we can save, health matters, maintaining people’s health is priceless, Saladmaster is an initial outlay that will be amortizing from the first day, with energy, food, avoiding purchases of utensils.

We are what we eat, and with Saladmaster we eat better.