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Heat up or Preheat?

We will definitely clarify these two concepts that since receiving the pots and pans Saladmaster are part of the abc of daily cooking.

First, we go with Heating which is the most basic and simple concept as it simply consists of increasing the temperature of the pot or pan by putting it on a cooking plate at half power (with Saladmaster we do not pass half power) until it is hot. Heating is increasing the temperature without making any measurements.

Preheating, this is the concept that will be used most, this cooking technique is very useful and necessary to cook many recipes such as tortillas, meats, fish or grilled vegetables and many others that will require this technique.

When it reaches the point that is called Preheated, the pot or pan that is preheating will seal its surface closing all pores and turning its inner layer into a natural non-stick layer, without the need for chemicals or films covering the pot or pan to ensure that the food does not stick, is the point that will be needed to cook the perfect tortilla with minimal oil, or steaks of meat or fish (fatty fish) without any oil.

How to know if we have heated or preheated?

The simplest method is to throw a few drops of water on the surface of the pot or pan and depending on their behavior they will determine at what point it is.
Start by putting the pot or pan to heat at half power until when approaching the hand (caution not to burn) you feel a high temperature, at that time dip your fingers in a bowl of water and drop a few drops onto the surface of the pot or pan.


If they sizzle and dilute into steam means that the pot or pan is hot, but is NOT preheated.


If instead of sizzling, they behave as if they were small pearls of mercury, sliding down the surface without evaporating means that the pot or pan is PREHEATED.


From the moment of preheating, cakes, tortillas, pancakes, fatty fish, meats can be cooked to perfection.

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