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Potato omelette

By Chef Julio Torralba Valero


10 in Titanium Skillet


  • 6 fresh eggs size L
  • 2 potatoes of about 325 g each
  • Olive oil
  • Sunflower oil (optional)
  • Salt


  • Cut the potatoes or with the cone 3
  • Thoroughly wash the cut potatoes until white water is removed
  • Dry the potatoes well
  • Add the frying oil to the 10 in Saladmaster Titanium Skillet
  • Put at half power
  • Add potatoes to hot oil
  • Fry the potatoes and reserve
  • Beat eggs in a bowl
  • Add potatoes, mix and add salt
  • Clean the 25 cm Saladmaster Titanium skillet for reuse
  • Preheat the pan until the drop slides down the surface
  • When the drop slips, lower the power to the minimum
  • Paint the surface with little oil
  • Add the beaten mixture
  • Curdle on one side, check with a silicone spatula that the egg is already perfect to flip the tortilla
  • Turn with a plate and put the tortilla back in the pan
  • Keep fire at minimum power
  • Cook the other side according to cooking taste


  • You can fry both potatoes and cook your own tortilla with sunflower or olive oil
  • Adding a couple of garlic cloves while frying the potatoes will give you a different and very tasty point