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Pear and chocolate cake


1 liter unit

  • 100 g wholemeal flour
  • 5 g yeast
  • 20 g of cane sugar
  • Pure chocolate chips
  • 2 eggs

4 liter unit

  • Use 4 parts more ingredients

28cm unit

  • Use 4 parts more ingredients


  • Laminate 1 pear with 4 cone
  • Use the sheeting to line the bottom and walls of the unit
  • Add the two eggs in a bowl and beat
  • Put the cane sugar and stir
  • Mix the flour and yeast with the rest of the ingredients
  • Chop the other remaining pear with cone 2 and mix
  • Place the chocolate chips and finish beating
  • Pour the mixture into the lined unit, cover and put on a low heat (30% power)
  • When you click-click or notice with your hand that it is excessively hot, lower to the minimum and wait 20 minutes