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Squid stewed with ink

By Lupe Arriaga


11 in Saladmaster Titanium Sauce Pan

Ingredients :

  • 600 g squid in rings
  • 2 sachets of ink (cuttlefish or squid)
  • 50 ml of white wine
  • 1 medium onion, finely chopped
  • 100 g finely grated ripe tomato or with cone 1
  • Garlic and parsley to taste
  • Fried bread or breadcrumbs


  • Add the oil to the 11 in Saladmaster Titanium Sauce Pan and put at medium temperature
  • When the oil is hot, add the chopped onion and lower to low temperature and simmer until soft
  • Add the grated tomato and keep until you get a juicy sauce
  • Add the squid rings, wine and stir well to integrate flavors
  • Cover the pan and rise to medium heat
  • When you start clicking steadily, lower to minimum and cook 30/35 minutes
  • Open pan and add ink
  • Stir well to integrate the ink with the other ingredients
  • Lower to minimum temperature and cook uncovered 20 minutes
    For sauce
  • Crush in a mortar 1 garlic clove with a pinch of salt and some parsley leaves, add some croutons of fried loaf bread or two tablespoons of breadcrumbs and mash everything well. Add the mixture to the sauce when it has finished cooking and stir well.
  • Let cool to thicken sauce


  • This stew as all improves its flavor if reserved a day before consuming
  • Can be taken alone, or accompanied by white rice as a garnish