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How do you clean?

Depending on if is first use, everyday cleaning or a more pronounced stain.

First use

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Wash your new Saladmaster units and handles by adding a cup of vinegar per liter of water, eliminating the remains of manufacturing oils. Rinse with soap and water then dry.

Elipsu - limpieza de primer uso saladmaster

Regular cleaning

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After each use, wash with warm soapy water, rinse and dry. You can also wash the unit without handles in the dishwasher. .

Limpieza habitual saladmaster

Pronounced stains

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Wash the unit with usual way, dry and add the cleaning powders. With a damp kitchen paper rub in circular motions, finish by rinsing with soap and water, do not use the powder cleaner on the exterior of the unit, neither on the covers nor on the sides, it damages the mirror finish.

* Although our units are design to be used rather than pampered, we recommend using a delicate scouring pad to avoid scratching.

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