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What you need to know

Cook over medium heat and reduce the temperature to the minimum the moment it clicks. You can cook in the traditional way with some oil and salt or without anything, preheating beforehand. Take advantage of the humidity in the vegetables to avoid cooking with water.

Medium – Click – Low

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MEDIUM fire and just before reaching 90 degrees the valve will start clicking LOW, generating a SEMI VACUUM by releasing the hot air from the interior, conserving the vitamins and nutrients of the food.

If you need to do the semi vacuum again, cover it again and raise the temperature slightly until clicks and reduces to a minimum.

Fire – Water – Oil

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FIRE: Preheat unit over medium heat to cook tortillas, stir-fry, and grilled meat and fish.

WATER: Cook cereals, vegetables low in water and broths with water.

OIL: Add a little oil to stir-fries, less fatty fish and tortillas, previously preheating the unit.

Tradicional – Saludable

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1. Traditional (with little oil and salt): With our system, you can cook in the traditional way with oil and salt, but with half the amount of usual.

2. Healthy (without anything): For those who need to cook healthier due to health or lifestyle, you can cook completely without oil and salt.

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